Wicker Park Neighborhood Guide

Chicago has diverse neighborhoods across the city, one of them being Wicker Park.


Wicker Park, also known as Bucktown, is a popular neighborhood filled with artsy music venues, restaurants, coffee shops, and thrift shops. You can easily reach Wicker Park by taking Blue Line to Damen. This will take you to the bustling Six Corners. 


The Wicker Park neighborhood is outlined by Bloomingdale Trail, Ashland Avenue, Division, and Western Avenue. Visitors and residents appreciate the closeness to the Loop and the variety of trendy places in Wicker Park.


Its History


Wicker Park first started growing when an Irish community moved to the area. Soon after, the industrial scene of Wicker Park grew fast. Because of this accelerated growth, the boundaries of Wicker Park had to be expanded to host more residents and businesses.


Just like the businesses, the diversity of the neighborhood developed at a rapid pace. Germans and Norwegians become part of the Wicker Park neighborhood, and Jewish and Poland immigrants soon followed.


With this diversity, many shops, grocery stores, and other businesses opened. Some of those businesses included sausage-makers, lumber yards, bakeries, and other shops that made daily life easy in Wicker Park. 




Transportation options are abundant around Wicker Park.


The Bloomingdale Trail is the best east-west bike trail that Chicago offers. Milwaukee Avenue is another popular bike route in Chicago along with Damen and Elston Avenue. If you are traveling by car, train, or bus, you can go right to the busy center of Wicker Park.


It is also a highly walkable area. 


Wicker Park: Things to Do


Wicker Park is filled to the brim with live music performances, diverse restaurants and bars, and thrift shops. The culture of the neighborhood has made itself known for being trendy and having a hipster feel. 


Flat Iron Arts Building

While there are plenty of flat iron buildings throughout the United States, Wicker Park’s Flat Iron Arts Building has hosted a lot of diverse artists since the 1980s. The building hosts more than 40 artist studios, a theater, a tattoo shop, as well as other art spaces. 


Restaurants, Live Shows, and Thrift Shops

Wicker Park has a variety of shops, bars, and entertainment that can suit anyone’s taste. If you are looking for a restaurant that offers Southern dishes but has that old-style feel, Dove’s Luncheonette is perfect.


The Hideout is a great place to visit when you are looking for live performances. Most of their live bands are considered punk rock, indie rock, or alt-country music. There is plenty of thrift shops in Wicker Park, but nothing is quite like Kokorokoko. The inside design resembles fashion outlets in New York and sells vintage clothing mostly from the 80s and 90s. 


Living in Wicker Park

Besides being around many popular businesses and restaurants, Wicker Park offers affordable housing for residents who want to be close to downtown Chicago.


There are options for those who are wanting to spend a little more on housing, but Wicker Park prides itself on having more affordable apartments than expensive ones. There are some beautiful historical homes and apartments in this area. 


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